ECWT Working Groups



ECWT Working Groups

In lite with the decision taken by the Annual General Meeting 2012 there are four working groups to support the Executive Group and the High-level Advisory.

The working groups support consists in:

  • Gathering information;
  • Developing proposals;
  • Analyzing data.
The working groups work closely with the community and are a liason between the diversity of entities ECWT works with. It is also the aim of these groups to develop partnerships with individuals to build meaninful relationships in order to contribute bottom up to leverage certain topics towards the European Community level.

 SWG – The Strategy Working Group

The Strategy Working Group is responsible for:
(i) the ECWT’s overall strategy, (ii) for sustaining’s ECWT’s market share, (iii) for strengthening the leading position of ECWT in the global collaboration between regional centers operating based on the common global framework

COMWG – The Communication Working Group

The Communication Working Group is responsible for:
(i) a communication strategy that is in line with the overall ECWT strategy and sustains the ECWT brand. COMWG is responsible for the ECWT, (ii) corporate identity, (iii) social media communication, (iv) e-communication, (v) newsletters, (vi) printed materials, (vii) exhibition exposures.

FEUWG – The Financial and EU Project Working Group

The Financial and EU Project Working Group is responsible for (i) ECWT’s financial management, (ii) Sponsorships,(iii) EU projects and (iv) Development of an ECWT Fund.

The Constitutional and Organizational Working Group

The Constitutional and Organizational Working Group has four core tasks: (i) review and safeguarding of the implementation of the statutes, (ii)global collaboration guidelines, (iii) strengthening of the European and global leading position of the ECWT, (iv) cooperation between the ECWT Secretariat and the N-PoCs and between the N-PoCs.



Working Groups' Team


Dimitris Raftopoulos

Finance & EU Projects Working Group

Chair of the FEUWG

Skype: dimitris_raftopoulos


Communicationi Working Group

Chair of the COWG

Skype: silvajaqueline

Friis Konst

Chair of the COWG,

Member of the HLA

Skype: thomasfriiskonst


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