Professorship open for female engineers at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

A generational change is taking place at Beuth University of Applied Sciences:    Over the next five years, about 60 professorships will be open due to retirements. This gives female scientists and engineers the chance to be appointed as a professor, when in the past this position was exclusively occupied by men.

If you are planning to acquire teaching experience by a lectureship at Beuth University, get in contact with the suitable faculty not later than June 2017 in order to start your lectures in October 2017.


When your smart idea takes you to the top

Project Prep is a book aimed at girls and young women


New Broadband Commission call to action provides guide to close digital gender gap

ITU´s Broadband Commission´s Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide, established 2010 and co-chaired by GSMA and UNESCO have released their new recommendations for action for bridging the gender gap in Internet and broadband access and use


Four in Five STEM Graduates in Asia Pacific Take Less than Six Months to Land their First Job - Mastercard Girls in Tech Study

A study carried out in the framework of Mastercard´s Girls in STEM Asia program among 2,270 girls aged 12-25 across Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore shows that while studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) helps girls lands jobs easily, 42 percent of STEM first-jobbers believe we need to change society’s perception of STEM in order to attract the next generation of young women to pursue a career in related fields.


Empowering people with disabilities through mobile technologies - Winner of the 1st d-Lab challenge award announced in Barcelona

One of five people experiences a disability or impairement at some stage of their life. Disability affects 11% more women than men.85% of the people with disabilities are unemployed. For this reason the Advisory Board of the d-lab Program of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona has for its 1st challenge award decided to choose "Empowering people with disabilities through mobile technologies" as the key thematic focus of its digital transformations  challenges.




MINERVA Informatics Equality Award

The Minerva Informatics Equality Award recognizes best practices in Departments or Faculties of European Universities and Research Labs that encourage and support the careers of women in Informatics research and education.


ECWT's Celebration of Girl´s Day 2017

ECWT´s National Point of Contacts, ECWT Members and collaborating partners have also in 2017 played a key role in the Celebration of Girl´s Day 2017.


EU thematic call for women in ICT pledges

Coordinated ECWT actions in connection with the European Commission´s invitation to organisations to attract more girls and women into digital   


EntreComp - EU Entrepreneurship Competence Framework launched

The EU Framework is finalzied after ten years of preparatory work and develops 15 competences along an 8-level progression model and comprises a comprehensive list of 442 learning outcomes.


The framework can be used as a basis for the development of curricula and learning activities fostering entrepreneurship as a competence. Also, it can be used for the definition of parameters to assess learners’ and citizens’ entrepreneurial competences.



Join EC Study on Women in the Digital Age

The European Commission is crowdsourcing ideas on new initiatives for more #womenintech in Europe. 


Why don't European girls like STEM subjects?

Microsoft has recently published the most in-depth research that is based on discussions in focus groups held with 54 girls in 9 countries and surveyed 11,500 girls in 12 countries around Europe. Based on the research MS presented a list of recommendations on how to attract more girls to STEM studies and careers.


Gender Equality Boosts Economic Growth

The latest EIGE study uses a robust econometric model to estimate socio-economic outcomes of improving gender equality in several broad areas including education, labour market participation, wages and work-life balance.


Oxford Economics latest Workforce 2020 study

Oxford Economics latest Workforce 2020 study commissioned by SAP stresses that strong leadership pays dividends in the digital economy, where continuous innovation, rapid decision making and a global mindset are essential to success.


EIT Digital Challenge winner lands EU Prize for Women Innovators for translating digital content into Braill

Kristina Tsvetanova CEO of BLITAB Technology, who was winner of the Digital Wellbeing category of the 2016 EIT Digital Challenge, has also won the Rising Innovator category of the European Commission's annual Prize for Women Innovators 2017.
The Rising Innovator Award recognises the best women entrepreneurs under 30 in Europe. The award ceremony was held in Brussels on International Women's Day, and  the first prize was handed over by Commissioner Carlos Moedas and the European Parliament's Vice-President, Mairead McGuinness


Digital Fluency single most critical factor in closing the gender pay gap

The latest study released by Accenture on International Womens´Day (IWD) 2017 confirms that Digital Fluency is the single most critical factor in  closing the gender pay gap


ECWT is putting strong emphasis on supporting innovation of the female talents in Greece!

Collaboration with The General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Hellenic Ministry of Interior and then State Secretary Vasso Kollia, the initiator and one of the key partners for the Grand Coalition for Jobs National Coalition pledge "Women and Girls Go Digital.


Europe needs more leaders with strong technical skills

The 'High-Tech and Leadership Skills for Europe' conference on 26 January highlighted the need for more leaders and professionals with high-tech skills if Europe is to keep pace with fast and disruptive technological change and stressed the following.


Edu-Code project

ECWT´s key engagement in the area of coding is during 2016-2017 focused on the annual EU Code Week activities and being a committed partner in the Edu-Code project


Are you open to an unexpected career move?

Top Women - Technology is an international recruitment summit where 150 female professionals will meet 10 leading international employers and discuss about outstanding career opportunities.


Skills+ project

The discussion was about soft skills for IT people.


Women Startup Challenge Europe

The Women Startup Challenge Europe which will be the largest VC competition for women-led startups will happen in London.


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